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The company wanted to speed up the sales process and increase sales through time savings and better information management. Monitoring and reporting was also not enough detailed and efficient. A lot of time was wasted in sales on search information, are not all the data was in one place, it was not opportunities to generate more advanced analytics.

Dropdown menu technology
Dropdown menu technology
Dropdown menu technology


Mapping tools were used during the consulting process. The goal was to get acquainted in detail withrequirements for CRM software and suggesttechnological solution that would coverneeds of the company. The company managed to get a better look of the whole process of interaction with potential andexisting customers and geta basis forexpanding markets and improving relations withcustomers.


The project of introducing new CRM software issuccessfully implemented. As a result, the sale accelerated, all information is available atin one place and exchange of information is faster,the number of reports, the process andperformances are visualized. Reporting is better, reports are availableeasy and fast. The company has a better insight intosales process, efficiency, better monitoredleads. Better planning is also possiblethere is useful information for furtherdecision making.


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