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The doctoral dissertation of Dr. Lemana Spahić, titled "TRUEAID: TRUSTWORTHY AI FOR EARLY DETECTION OF ANTENATAL NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS AND NEURODEVELOPMENTAL RISK ASSESSMENT IN FETUSES," is currently shortlisted for an award at the AIIC competition.

This outstanding work represents a multi-year scientific research endeavor by the Verlab Institute, led by the eminent expert, Academician Prof. Dr. Asim Kurjak, along with a team of experts in the application of 4D ultrasound for diagnostics. The dissertation explores the application of artificial neural networks and deep learning to create a system that supports rapid diagnosis of risks associated with fetal neurodevelopmental disorders.

The system developed as a result of this work complies with the latest EU guidelines for artificial intelligence in medicine, while simultaneously achieving accuracy that meets the standards for medical systems based on artificial intelligence. Not only does this dissertation explore new frontiers in medical research, but it also has the potential to transform the way risks of neurodevelopmental disorders in fetuses are assessed and approached.

Congratulations to Dr. Lemana Spahić on this impressive achievement, and we wish her all the best in the final selection at the AIIC competition. This exceptional work underscores the importance and potential of interdisciplinary work in medical engineering.

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