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At the Second Forum of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH Forum 2024) in Sarajevo on April 18, 2024, we explored how small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina can benefit from going digital. This event, organized by FabLab Sarajevo with support from QSS and Digital Storm, was all about discovering the latest digital trends and technologies that can transform how SMEs operate.

Throughout the forum, participants engaged in panel discussions, hands-on demonstrations, and informative presentations to learn about the ins and outs of digitalization. It was a fantastic opportunity for industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and aspiring entrepreneurs to come together, exchange ideas, and plan the digital future of Bosnian SMEs.

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One standout speaker at the event was Nejra, an expert from the Center for Digital Transformation at Verlab Institute. Nejra shared insights into how digitalization can revolutionize SMEs, emphasizing the importance of embracing digital tools for growth and competitiveness. She explained, in simple terms, how digital transformation can streamline business operations and inspire innovation, making it easier for SMEs to adapt to the modern market. "Our goal is to help SMEs unlock the full potential of digital transformation," Nejra explained. "From simplifying day-to-day tasks to creating exciting new products and services, our center is here to support SMEs every step of the way."

We're confident that Bosnian SMEs will thrive in an increasingly digital world.


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