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The 26th IMEKO TC4 International Symposium and 24th International Workshop on ADC and DAC Modelling and Testing (IWADC) was held in Pordenone, Italy on September 20-21, 2023.

Together with colleagues, experts in cognitive neuroscience and metrology from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, our senior expert associate Lemana Spahić co-authored the paper that had won the best poster award at this conference.

The research paper entitled „Decoding Cognitive Processes in Arithmetic Tasks: An EEG-Based Convolutional Neural Network Model“  demonstrated the feasibility and effectiveness of using deep learning models, specifically CNNs, for the classification of cognitive states based on EEG data. The model's high performance, coupled with its potential for real-time application, makes it a valuable tool for advancing research in cognitive sciences.

The success of this model opens up exciting possibilities for its application in real-time Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) systems and Neurofeedback systems. It provides a robust foundation for the development of future models aimed at understanding and interpreting cognitive phenomena in psychology, neurology, and cognitive neuroscience. 


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