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DECODE focuses on the training of young scientists on the use of drug-eluting devices to combat the burden of peripheral artery disease (PAD). DECODE will provide young researchers with excellent scientific, technological and complementary skills through a multidisciplinary training programme having as an outmost scientific aim the development, optimization, and assessment of a drug eluting balloon system for the improved treatment of PAD.

The aim of DECODE is twofold:

a) to enhance the competitiveness and research careers of young researchers at European level as after the completion of the programme they will be able to face current and future challenges in the domain of biomedical engineering,

b) to convert knowledge, ideas and expertise from both academic and non-academic sectors into a novel product which will improve the monitoring and treatment of patients suffering from PAD and their quality of life, providing thus a significant economic and social benefit.

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Specific Information for the position

This position of the PhD candidate is open at the BIOIRC DOO Kragujevac and University of Kragujevac in Serbia in the laboratory of Prof. Nenad Filipovic.

The PhD candidate will be enrolled in PhD studies at the University of Kragujevac.

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